We’re happy to announce another success story at NCPI, this time for our client in Alaska.

The client contacted NCPI after a severely cracked trunnion journal was reported. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, NCPI immediately dispatched our engineering manager who travelled to the remote site to assess the trunnion journal. A detailed technical evaluation revealed that the trunnion was damaged beyond repair, but that the mill could continue operating while awaiting a replacement. The mill head was originally designed and supplied as an Integral head by another Mill OEM prior to 1980. NCPI reverse engineered the mill head and trunnion taking all critical dimensions from a detailed site evaluation, and then engineering the journal & spigot dimensions from first principles.

The mill head was re-designed as a split 180deg Head with a bolt on trunnion to allow the quickest possible manufacturing time and allow dimensions for Air freighting to site. This design also facilitated use of the overhead crane during the proposed future mill head changeout.

NCPI initially estimated 22 Weeks for manufacture based on expedited delivery due to the critical nature of the trunnion condition.

The mill head was designed and drafted by NCPI and the order for the manufacturing was placed immediately. Utilzing NCPI’s long-standing relationship with an Established foundry and machine shops, NCPI was able to deliver the Mill head and trunnion within 18 weeks, 4 weeks ahead of schedule.

The mill head and trunnion were loaded into an Atlas Air cargo plane and flown to the mine site in Alaska. The parts are delivered to site and awaiting the planned shut to allow changeout. The client’s risk has been mitigated by a proactive approach, and world class performance by NCPI, once again living up to our reputation for exceptional service and reliability. We take pride in our ability to meet and exceed client expectations, once again confirming our status as a World-Class Grinding Mill Supplier.

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